AIRE has reimagined the traditional EMR by focusing on user experience, workflow, wellness, and customizability. It was built with YOU in mind.

AIRE Health is a medical services and software company with offices in New York and California. AIRE is run and managed by a group of dermatologists, seasoned software professionals, support and training staff with years of experience in medical software development and medical billing services. AIRE’s management team are pioneers in digital technology and include experts with over 10 years of EMR and digital health experience.

AIRE EHR is designed to run in both single and multi-location practice environments. It offers an easy-to-use interface that record patient history, examination, assessment, plan, as well as separate modules for past medical history, medications, and laboratory and pathology reports. Practitioners may use free text, click-and-point technology or pre-designed templates for common dermatologic conditions. These templates prompt the practitioner to enter relevant information and can be customized to suit specific needs. The goal is to be quick, yet efficient.

Aire utilizes a detailed body chart that available to specify locations and generate ICD10 codes, smart-linked to appears as text both in the history and examination. AIRE EHR allows providers to easily find and sign patient charts, review test results and write prescriptions. Its browser-based technology allows providers to utilize these capabilities worldwide on any electronic device without compromising the security of patient privacy. The platform has been crafted to mimics burdensome tasks and instead emulate the natural flow of a seamless user experience.

An EMR platform built for present day Dermatology- By Dermatologists

Electronic Health Records system isn’t just an invaluable resource for the dermatologists that use it — it also offers their patients a unique, intuitive way to communicate with doctors, interact with their health records, schedule future appointments, and much more!